Destiny 2 The Pit Lost Sector – How to find the Pit Lost Sector ? : Destiny 2

The lost sectors do not have their own entrances. You need to find some semi holes to get in to it. Similarly, pit lost sector is one of the sector in the game destiny 2. Further, in the season of the chosen, you have to drive to get into the Firebase. Read the complete article to know about Destiny 2 The Pit Lost Sector.

Destiny 2 The Pit Lost Sector

Destiny 2 The Pit Lost Sector - How to find the Pit Lost Sector ? : Destiny 2

An upgrade in the form of activity to the gamers. The player will probably catch up with some enemies and most importantly a boss. Further, they will also observe some chest in this small challenges. Although lost sectors seem quite easy to play. However, they can be very difficult to mark on the map.

Hence, the pit lost sector is one of the most sturdy sectors in all the sectors known to you. You can explore this sector by going through EDZ region.

How to reach to The Pit Lost Sector ?

Destiny 2 The Pit Lost Sector - How to find the Pit Lost Sector ? : Destiny 2

When you went through the EDZ Firebase Hades. And you move around the underground tunnels which you usually do. You will find a doorway in your right direction. That particular doorway will lead you to the Lost sector symbol. Finally, as soon as you tap on this gateway, you will be heading towards the Lost sector.

In addition to the above, once you reach the Firebase Hades in the European dead zone. Take a round of the northern boundaries of the base. Sooner you will be able to find a tunnel which further passes through a small bridge. At last, go inside the tunnel, and you will finally be heading in the Lost sector of Destiny 2.

A short walk through

At first, pass the entrance and walk in the downward direction. Now as you reach the bottom, you will find some winding corridors. Proceed through them. As you move ahead, you will find a Cabal Legionary dead. Further, you see some open space with a tank hanging from the roof. Now, you have to fight with Legionaries, War beasts, Phalanxes and Psions. Fortunately, you will not be finding so many of them. But here comes a Centurion. This enemy can cause you pretty good damage to you. Thus, it is advisable to first break his shield and then hammer him constantly to finally kill him. Now, as you complete this. Then possibly you will be facing the boss. The boss will prove to give you a tough competition. So take pot-shots on him and constantly improve dab on his face. Once, he is done. You will get your loot chest after finishing the boss.

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