The New DJI FPV Drone is Something You Have Never Seen Before! Full Specs and Details.

DJI FPV drone has released on March 2, the new drone that gives onboard experience with its FPV goggles. DJI FPV combo costs $1,299, which consists of a drone, controller, and goggles. Let’s see the DJI FPV drone review here.


  • 4k/60p video
  • Three different modes
  • FPS drone
  • GPS, Emergency brake feature, and Hover


  • Extremely loud
  • Small sensor
  • Lack of ability to switch out the camera
  • Short flight time

What’s new?

The New DJI FPV Drone is Something You Have Never Seen Before! Full Specs and Details.

Most of the drones stream the video from the camera to the app on a phone or tablet. DJI FPV has these new features that come with the kits like FPV and FPV goggles; by using that, we can see the drone’s video through the goggles. Yes, there were drones and goggles before, but they are from different companies. But DJI FPV has these features like FPV goggles and flight controllers within the combo.

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FPV controller

FPV controller is the same as the other DJI controllers. But this time, you don’t need the phone to watch the video, whereas you can watch it using goggles. On the controller’s right side, there is one button that is used for taking photos and the toggle switch that changes the flight modes. There is a shoulder click for emergency stop and return to the home button on the left side of the controller. Next to a toggle switch, a button is used to angle the camera and a scroll wheel to rotate the camera vertically.

FPV goggles

FPV goggles give you an onboard experience that is like you are driving the drone. Goggles are grey and black in color, very angular, and have four screw-in antennas on each corner.  These goggles have no in-built battery. You have to connect the battery via a USB-C adapter. These goggles have two modes. Low latency mode, which provides 28 MPS lag time and 810p/120 frames per second. A high-quality model that provides 40 MPS lag time and 60 frames per second.

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Flight performance

DJI FPV drone has three flight performance modes like Normal, Sport, and Manual mode. Normal mode is like the one in all drones; it flies at the speed of 31 miles/hour. Sport mode flies at the speed of 60 miles/hour. It’s partly manual but has stabilized flight and limited turn angles. The manual mode must be called drone racing mode, which flies at 87 miles/hour. In this mode, the drone’s whole control is on you. In case of emergency, you can press the emergency brake button to stop or press the hover button to make the drone hover over a place.

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Camera quality

DJI FPV drones have a 1/2.3 inch sensor, which is the same as other DJI drones. The sensor is on in normal mode and off during the other two modes. It provides 4k video at 50/60 fps. Sometimes the drone lacks some of the camera features. To say, this drone is more of a racing drone than a camera drone.

Finally, this DJI FPV drone is worth buying for its extreme FPV goggles and controller, which gives you an onboard experience.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the New DJI FPV Drone. To get all the latest updates on Games and Technology, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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