New Harley Quinn Skin Fortnite – How to Get this Skin? Full Guide : Fortnite

    In the first place, Fortnite is a wonderful creation of Epic Games.  The addition of various features in the game makes it more enthralling. In the same way, skins are one of the central attraction points for the players. For a continuous enhancement, they have collaborated with DC Universe earlier also. And recently, Epic games have again come back with the latest crossover with DC. Check the article for more information about this new crossover.

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    Harley Quinn skin

    This is not the first time that Fortnite possesses the skins and cosmetics of DC characters. From Batman and cat woman to Harley Quinn and Joker. All of these characters were already there in the game. In fact, they are present in more than one form.

    New Harley Quinn Skin Fortnite - How to Get this Skin? Full Guide : Fortnite

    Epic Games have announced a hint about the Batman Fortnite Zero point collaboration with DC universe as per the latest update.  In this collaboration, players will have six miniseries from the Batman comic. Further, they will be launched on April 20 officially. The launch of these characters will be available in physical form and digital forms as well. In physical form, i.e., the print issues will have the codes embedded in them. The user may further use these codes to unlock characters.

    Harley Quinn’s re-birth will also happen with the comeback of Batman in the game. However, the skin of her is available in the game in two different forms. And both of them are pretty awesome. However, these were sold out later.

    However, Fortnite has not officially announced anything related to this. But DC Comics have confirmed the news through a press release. Also, an interesting fact about the release of this article was Fortnite’s Chief Creative Officer has helped in this article’s writing.

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    How can you get this skin?

    • Purchase the DC comic books available at the stores
    • when you purchase Fortnite DC comic books, you will get a code embedded in it
    • or you can sign up in DC universe infinite service

    So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about New Harley Quinn Skin Fortnite. To get all the latest updates on Fortntiestay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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