Faerie Stash World of Warcraft – Where to Find these Stash? : World of Warcraft

Ardenweald is one of the zones in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. The Shadowlands has many treasures in it. Faerie Stash is one of the treasures in the shadowlands. Moreover, Ardenweald is an enchanted forest. The Night Fae covenant rules it. Furthermore, it is a place of hibernation, rest, and eventual rebirth of the soul.  Read the complete article to know more about Faerie Stash World of Warcraft.

Faerie Stash World of Warcraft

Faerie Stash World of Warcraft - Where to Find these Stash? : World of Warcraft

Faerie stash is a treasure that spawns in different locations across Ardenweald. To obtain them, you have to jump on the Bounding shroom and steer towards them. You have to take the help of Bounding mushroom because the position of the stash varies. Furthermore, there are five different locations where you can find these stash. Amphitheater, Shrouded Mire, Darkreach, Dreamsong Fenn, and Furrowed Glen are the locations where you can find them.

Where to find Faerie Stash ?

Faerie Stash World of Warcraft - Where to Find these Stash? : World of Warcraft

The following are the coordinates of five different locations:

  • Amphitheater – 41.35 44.77
  • Shrouded Mire- 65.34 23.51
  • Darkreach- 42.50 66.86
  • Dreamsong Fenn- 32.76 29.97
  • Furrowed Glen- 42.53 21.83

Launchpad position of five different locations:

  • Amphitheater- 39.90 43.68
  • Shrouded Mire- 64.66 23.38
  • Darkreach- 42.77 66.16
  • Dreamsong Fenn- 32.71 29.78
  • Furrowed Glen- 43.53 22.90

As the location of the stash varies from one place to another place. The above are the accurate locations for these treasures. The hoard appears Amphitheater, Dreamsong, and Furrowed Glen will spawn on the Rock formation, whereas Shrouded Mire and Darkreach will be found on trees.

Other locations to find out!

In addition to the above, this is a fact that the treasure can only be reachable through the bounding mushroom. As these mushrooms are always closest to the treasure. And the treasure is located at a higher range which is further not possible for the player to reach them without bounding mushroom. In whole what you need to do is, find the nearest situated bounding mushroom from the location of the treasure and take help of it. Furthermore, use the accurate locations mentioned above to reach the treasure chest and find Faerie Stash.

Lastly, what is the need to find these treasure chest. Well, these treasure chests have few random items which further help the players to increase the Anima reservoir. It also contains a block of gold. Also, if you are stuck in the calling quest of rare resources, you may find some Coins of brokerage along with some equipment here.

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