miHoYo free genshin impact live wallpaper – where can you get these wallpapers? : Genshin Impact

    With one of the best artifacts in the gaming world, Genshin Impact is now steadily becoming a most played game globally. However, the company is not limited to its gaming resources but has now also introduced a gaming upgrade through its live wallpapers. In this article, you guys will be knowing more about this live free wallpapers. Also, from where can you get these wallpapers.

    miHoYo free genshin impact live wallpaper

    miHoYo free genshin impact live wallpaper - where can you get these wallpapers? : Genshin Impact

    An action role-playing game developed by miHoYo. Further this game provide some very interesting characters which were not in focus yet but now has become world-famous. This game does not provide any player versus player type of competition. Hence, this attracts a drawback to this game.

    However, the characters of this  game are so captivating that  they are now accessible in the form of wallpapers whether live or not. Also, these characters can go dancing, singing and many more.

    Furthermore, the live wallpapers of Genshin Impact are now available to download. One can use these wallpapers as a background picture for a particular game. If you want to download these live wallpapers, then make sure to visit N0va Desktop. 

    However, the availability is specifically depending on the device you use or the platform. Below are some different ways to get these free wallpapers.

    How to get these wallpapers?

    For mobile phones or android devices

    • Go to google play store
    • Search for N0va Desktop
    • After reading a short description of the app, install it
    • After installation, it will ask for some permissions 
    • Microphone is the major permission that it needs access to
    • And here it is done.

    For windows

    • Search for N0va Desktop website in the search bar
    • After visiting the website. You will be given options to choose the platform
    • Click on Windows
    • then the software begins to install
    • As soon as the software get installed 
    • Run the program and choose your favorite live wallpapers of Lumi and many more.


    Moreover, in the new update, you guys must be aware of the fact that Genshin Impact is collaborating with KFC and are still working on this theme.

    For more such updates, stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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