How to find hand cannon in Fortnite | Hand Canon location : Fortnite

    Fortnite is  one of the most captivating game played in the world. Even after a constant delay in its launching time, it has secured an instant success after its release in 2017. Weapons are always a center of attraction for the players and Epic games have successfully proven this fact. Further, they provide an unvaulted game mode. Recently, a hand cannon unvaulted and moreover, vaulted again. Check the complete article to know more about it and how to find it.

    Hand cannon in Fortnite

    It is a pistol and is available in rare, epic and legendary. When you use this pistol as a weapon, it will provide you a multiplier of x2.0 if hit was a headshot. Further, it will require heavy bullets to gain x2.0. Moreover, when it was first vaulted it caused damage up to 150. However, the damage caused by it is 100 now.

    How to find hand cannon in Fortnite : Fortnite

    Epic games had vaulted the hand cannon when chapter 2 was released. That is why it was only accessible in creative. They mentioned two specific reasons behind this. First, it will reduce the number of items whereas the second one was this weapon was not used by the players frequently.

    Furthermore, this is not the first time that Epic games are repeating the vaulting and unvaulting strategy. But the reason which  makes recent event a bit different is that they warned the players in advance about the vaulting conditions. Although they did not prefer to take this measure now.

    This time the Hand Cannon had replaced the Flink-Knock pistol. Also, Desert Eagle or Deagle is now returned. It has an upgrade form in patch 13.20.

    How to find hand cannon in Fortnite ?

    How to find hand cannon in Fortnite : Fortnite

    Unfortunately, there is no specific location or a particular place where one can find it. You have to check each of the floor loot, Chests and Vending machine on the island. However, if you find any player who have Hand cannon, you can hunt them down and take from them. Of course, this is not going to be easy, also you don’t have Flink-knock pistol with you. Do remember that Deagle is only available for a limited period of time.

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