How many Red Stripes are on the American Flag? : Top Trending

    One among the top trending question is How many Red Stripes are on the American Flag? To get the best brief, go through this article till its end.

    How many Red Stripes are on the American Flag ?

    The American or U.S. flag is the United States national flag. It is also referred to as the flag of the United States of America. The answer to the question is there are thirteen equal horizontal stripes. The stripes alternate in red and white colours. Near that comes a blue colour rectangle with fifty small stars in white colour. It is called a union where the five-point stars alternate in rows with five and six in number. The stars basically represent all 50 states of the US. On the other hand, the stripes represent the British colonies independent of the Great Britain Kingdom. Stars and Stripes, Old Glory and Star-Spangled Banner are a few nicknames this flag has got.

    How many Red Stripes are on the American Flag? : Top Trending


    Nevertheless, its a nation’s flag and hence will always represent the US. Be it in clothing or any other object, if you see the print the first thought would be the US. Ever since its origin, the flag has become an Americanism symbol in a quite powerful way. It also plays a vital role in drawing customers to the US market from many other places.

    There are a lot of books trying to define and describe the flag design’s history, birth and importance. Its reverence is due to its symbolisation of the land of the free. Though this gives a powerful statement, it also marks a setback according to the use. On any fine day, under the freedom of speech, one can use or abuse the flag in any circumstances. Though there was big chaos regarding the ban of the above act, it is still not under settlement yet.

    From the start, the flag always marks nationalism. This sentiment and military ensign marking American territory is a proud use of the flag since its origin. Even in American history forts and embassies native to America comprise of the flag. This symbolisation remains the same even today.

    Due to the Anderson celebrations using this flag in North America as a hero, U.S. citizens throughout Northern states accepted the national flag. They agreed to the US nationalism symbolisation and rejection of secessionism through this flag.

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