What Car is on the Podium GTA 5 – The Overflod Tyrant : GTA 5

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    What Car is on the Podium GTA 5 ?

    What Car is on the Podium GTA 5 - The Overflod Tyrant : GTA 5

    GTA Online comes with a huge expense for its vehicles. And thus, a lucky discount spin in Diamond Casino’s Lucky Wheel is a relief. Although, winning is unsure going out of luck isn’t sure either.

    Every week’s Thursday marks the day of Podium car refreshment. It means the everyday spin in the Diamond Casino’s Lucky Wheel gets its reward changed every seven days. The spin costs $500 if you don’t own a Penthouse. Don’t give up till the end because you will never know. Anyways, you will grab hold of other rewards too so its a go. The chance of getting clothes and RP varies but you have only one out of 20 chances to get the podium vehicle or a car discount.

    What Car is on the Podium GTA 5 - The Overflod Tyrant : GTA 5

    Overflod Tyrant is the car on the podium this week. This Legendary Motorsport is worth $2,515,000. Even if you don’t get the car, you may get a vehicle discount. This will be very helpful during limited-time store purchases. Do keep an eye on the discounts.

    February 18-24 is the week of Tyrant. The next will be Progen PR4. It is the next open Wheel Race Series that will be available from February 27. Your garage might have the luck to own such a magnificent racing machine. This spin is extra special since it comes with a red and white Redwood livery. Also, its availability starts in the spin right before the Legendary Motorsport purchase. Try out the lucky spin without a break. You never know when it will turn up. Though the chances are less, its always better to lose after risking the chance.

    A $2.5 million supercar having two doors is available in Legendary Motorsport but getting it for free or at a discounted rate is quite a boon. So, keep going and best luck on your spin of the day.

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