Valorant Critical System error – How to fix the Error ? : Valorant

    Unlike any other game, Riot Games brings a free to play online game in the gaming world. On one hand where all the other gaming companies were facing problems with the game launching time. Riot launched Valorant and was a massive hit on Twitch. Despite all the amazing facts about this game, players are facing some issues related to a critical error consistently. Check the article to understand the reason of this error and how one can fix this error.

    Valorant Critical System error

    Valorant Critical System error - How to fix the Error ? : Valorant

    In general, an error will occur when you launch the game on the Windows of your PC’s. While launching, you will observe that a box has appeared on the screen. The box shows that there is a critical error and the process is terminated. If you are facing the same then you will be unable to play the game online. Here is what you can do to fix this problem.

    How to fix the issue ?

    Valorant Critical System error - How to fix the Error ? : Valorant

    Observing all these problems on a consistent basis. Valorant has finally take over this situation under their control. Also, they announced the ways to fix it. However, apart from them following are the proven ways to fix this issue.

    First method

    •  open you run command prompt
    • search service.msc and press enter
    • again search for the VGC in the window which appears after prior step
    • double-click on vgc
    • now click on stop 
    • change the start-up type from manual to automatic
    • and then click on start
    • do not forget to save the changes
    • lastly, restart your PC.

    Second method

    • open Local Disk C
    • click on Riot Games folder
    • next click on Valorant>live
    • then click on Shooter game>Binaries
    • after this click on Win64 folder
    • there you will find a Valorant -Win64- shipping
    • right click on it and open properties
    •  a dialog box appear
    • find compatibility and select the option “Run this program as an administrator” 
    • Also, enable “Run this program in compatibility mode” and choose the windows.
    • Save the changes
    • restart the Windows PC.

    However, other than above, you must change the time and date of your computer systems. In addition, most of the error occurred because your windows or some software programs are not properly updated. Update your PC Windows as it may help in fixing this error.

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