Perdition Lost Sector Destiny 2 | Legend Lost Sector : Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 as usual has not ceased to amaze its players with new and challenging quests. One such is the destiny’s Perdition quest. The quest is full of twists and turns. And players sometimes find it difficult to find some areas in the quest. Mostly it is the lost sector which poses the challenge in front of the players. So here is a way to find this location.

    Perdition Lost Sector Destiny 2

    Perdition Lost Sector Destiny 2 | Legend Lost Sector : Destiny 2

    This Quest is related to the lost sector found on Europa. The main objective of this quest is to loot a sealed chest which is in Europa Legs part of the Varkis Armour quest. The location of Perditon is not marked on the map. But it is extremely easy to locate once you know in which direction to look at. Perdition is located at the northeast corner of Cadmus Ridge. Once you locate it the next part where you may get stuck is the Lost Sector in Perdition. But do not worry. The solution to this given below.

    Lost Sector Location

    Perdition Lost Sector Destiny 2 | Legend Lost Sector : Destiny 2

    Lost sector location can be explored at any point in the game. But players will have to make sure that they have high power levels while doing so. otherwise surviving this area will be a bigger challenge. The enemies that players will face in this part will have a power of 1200. Many players first complete Beyond the Light quest and then come back to perdition so they can obtain all the chests. But the enemies can also be avoided by flying or being invisible for the part.

    Perdition Lost Sector Destiny 2 | Legend Lost Sector : Destiny 2

    Once a player will enter Perdition they will notice a huge cliff. Move near the cliff and then to the right under the cliff players will notice a bunch of cave. with the lost sector logo which is on a block of ice placed between two cave entrances. Move further to the right most cave entrance and head underground. After that they only have to keep moving further till they reach a dead end. Once the player reaches there they will automatically know that they have reached thier destination.

    So that was all for the Perdition lost sector in destiny 2. For more such interesting updates related to Destiny 2, stay tuned with Destiny 2.

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