Veles Labyrinth Destiny 2 – How To Reach The Legendary Lost Sector? : Destiny 2

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It is a lost sector located in Cosmodrome. It is a little bit harder to enter Veles Labyrinth because you are obviously not going to spend a lot of time in an area of the cosmodrome, ie The Forgotten Shore. But, if you are wondering, where to find Veles Labyrinth and how to get there. Don’t worry, we are here to guide you in reaching the Lost Sector that is Veles Labyrinth Destiny 2.

Why Was Veles Labyrinth Disabled?

In Legendary and Master difficulties, Bungie had to disable the brand new Veles Labyrinth Lost Sector. The reason for this was believed to be an exploit. The exploit was that the Guardians could complete the Lost Sector entirety alone at an incredibly low power cost.

But, Veles Labyrinth will be available to play on Normal Levels. So we are going to talk in detail about its location and the ways to reach there. Let’s dive straight in!!

Veles Labyrinth Destiny 2 location

Spawn in at Shaw Han and then spring on your Sparrow to get there. Go north to the Mothyards, where all of the old aircraft is, but take a sharp right before reaching Sky Dock.

Veles Labyrinth Destiny 2 - How To Reach The Legendary Lost Sector? : Destiny 2

It is located far away from the Cosmodrome. From the spawn location, on the left side of the area, you will have to drive your Sparrow around the outside edge. Continue to follow the path, and eventually, you will emerge on the Forgotten Shore. Jump through the hole at the front deck and go down to a tunnel leading to the Missing Sector of the Veles Labyrinth. The Hive enemies fill this Lost Sector. Be alert in the tunnels when you go down because the explosive Thrall is filled there.

Veles Labyrinth Destiny 2 - How To Reach The Legendary Lost Sector? : Destiny 2

When you reach the end, you’ll have to take a number of mobs, climb stairs and then leap to the other side of the cavern, towards a huge Hive gate, which spawns a portal and takes a massive Hive Knight.Get out, and connect everything, and on a raised platform to the left, you will find the Missing Sector Cache. When you open it, it will glisten brilliantly.

That was everything you needed to know about Veles Labyrinth. Enjoy!

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