World of Warcraft Coin of Brokerage | Rare Resources Quest : World of Warcraft

    World of Warcraft (WOW) is the massively multiplayer online role-playing game which was released by Blizzard Entertainment. It sets in the Warcraft fantasy universe at the world of Azeroth. It was announced in 2001 but released on 23 November 2004 on the tenth anniversary of Warcraft franchise by Blizzard Entertainment. The players create a character Avatar, explore the open game world. It is a 3rd person or 1st person point of view game, in which players explore the landscape, fighting various monsters, complete quests and interacting with non-playing characters. It can also be played in the player versus player mode (PVP). Read the full article about World of Warcraft Coin of Brokerage.

    World of Warcraft Coin of Brokerage

    World of Warcraft Coin of Brokerage | Rare Resources Quest : World of Warcraft

    Coin of brokerage is the new item used to attempt quests. It is the rare item coveted by brokers who trade this coins of brokerage with rare materials. You can collect these coins by slaying rare monsters. It is the level 60 quest item, which means you can unlock this by entering into the 60th level of the game. The description says,” A highly valued coin of the showlands used to trade for rare materials with the brokers”.

    How to get coins in WOW ?

    World of Warcraft Coin of Brokerage | Rare Resources Quest : World of Warcraft

    You can find these coins of brokerage in the chests located in the showlands and sometimes these coins are dropped by the rare monsters. In the party loot, everyone in your party can get one when the coins are dropped by the monsters.

    Coin of Brokerage Locations

    World of Warcraft Coin of Brokerage | Rare Resources Quest : World of Warcraft

    There are some specific locations where you can find these coins. You have to go to the Bastion, after that speak to the Orator kole and ask him to summon the four beast, when it comes don’t forget to collect the coins. It is the best way to collect coins rather than venturing into the strange area by yourself. Sometimes you may not get the coins. The next location is Andrenworld, find the Wish crickets, the golden cricket which hops around the Andrenworld. You can also find these coins Faeflayers which located in the North East portions of Andrenworld. It is also seen in the South of Dreamsong Fen. Always have eyes out for rare enemies and treasure while exploring the World of Warcraft.


    Coin of brokerage is used to get rare materials by trading it with the brokers. These coins are also used to complete Rare resources quest, which will give you 15,000 reputation with faction in the game.

    And that’s about the coin of brokerage in the Worl of Warcraft. Collect these rare items and go up in the ladder.

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