Sus Sus Among Us Roman Emperor – All the Details inside : Among Us

    In general an online game of teamwork and betrayal. Among us is a multiplayer game. Also, it is a social deduction game. It keeps the players vibes high during pandemic. And is  recently getting a massive hit because of ban of PUBG in India. In the world of among us, the term SUS stands for suspicious.  Read the complete article to know about SUS.

    Sus Sus Among Us Roman Emperor

    Sus Sus Among Us Roman Emperor - All the Details inside : Among Us

    SUS is the impostor. The word means suspicious. Basically there are two major things in the game. First is the crew member and second is the impostor. Here, impostors are the aliens or a virus  in your team. And it is quite difficult to identify  them. Because they look exact as that of the other crew members.

    Among Us Gameplay

    Sus Sus Among Us Roman Emperor - All the Details inside : Among Us

    • you can build your team with 4 to 10 players
    • firstly the round begin in a spaceship named as The Skeld
    • the name of the headquarters is MIRA HQ
    • and lastly the planet named as Polus
    • The main game is divided into different mini-games
    • Further, the crew mates are assigned various tasks under mini-games such as data transmission and fixing electrical issues in the spaceship
    • although, the crew members are not able to perform their task due to the invasion of impostor
    • impostor sometimes cut the supply of oxygen or make fault in the wiring of the spaceship
    • impostors not only harm spaceship but also kill other crew members
    • hence, if a crew member is dead, then they become a ghost
    • and as they are ghosts, now they can pass through walls and chat with other ghosts(fun fact)
    • the very interesting fact is  that the ghosts help other live crew members by completing task or help them find the Sus
    • if the crew members have doubt on someone about being a sus, then they asked for an emergency meeting
    • however, the game does not have any voice chat system, therefore players have to use the text message for chatting and voting
    • only the players who are alive can text in the chat box
    • after the meeting, the one who receive the highest vote as a sus is ejected out of the spaceship.
    • You can end the game either by completing your task or finding the impostor or by simply quitting the game.

    Furthermore, the theme of this game is so untamed that it is even rocking out on social media platforms as well. Especially, SUS, this term is receiving a high level of popularity not only in the gaming world but also in real world.

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