Microsoft Surface Pro 8 leaks and release date – Specs, Review and Price! : Technology

    In this article we were going to give information on microsoft surface pro 8 leaks and release date. So, kindly read the article till end to know about the microsoft surface pro 8 leaks, release date and it’s specifications, review, price.

    Microsoft an one of the most famous and trusted company among many people across the world will manufactures & manages many software, hardware technology. On 9th february 2013 microsoft team have successfully launched an new device called surface pro an 2 in 1 detachable tablet. And due to it’s good and excellent sale among the people. Microsoft introduced many new versions in surface pro series among those in this article we were going to discuss about the surface pro 8.

    Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Leaks

    Microsoft Surface Pro 8 leaks and release date - Specs, Review and Price! : Technology

    • It was an new device version by microsoft. And as per information microsoft didn’t announced particular release date, availability of device. According to information available on other website this device likely to be released in early 2021.
    • As per information price and availability of this device didn’t have officially announced by microsoft cooperation. Based on information from other website articles the device will cost around $800 for basic features.

    Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Specs and Design

    Microsoft Surface Pro 8 leaks and release date - Specs, Review and Price! : Technology

    • According to information from other website the surface of pro 8 got certified in south korea and also came to know that it will come only with an minor update compared to 7+ pro for sale.
    • As information this device was coming with an 12.3 pixel sense display(2736×1824) and also with an 11th generation intel core i3, core i5,core i7 processor with Wi-Fi/LTE features consists of weight 0.77kg.
    • According to information this device will also come with UHD, Iris XE graphics.
    • This device were releasing with RAM 8GB/16GB/32GB and also with an secondary storage capacity of 128GB,256GB which includes wifi,LTE and 512GB,1TB SSD Only with wifi.
    • Based on information this device also will consists of port USB type C, USB type A, microSDXC card reader, surface connect, 3.5mm audio jack and also with Nano sim card facility.
    • According to information this device will consists an 5MP front facing and 8mp rear facing camera feature. And will also have battery capacity of 50.4 WH with 15 hours battery life and 13.5 hrs battery life with LTE advanced feature.
    • As information this will also consists of more specifications like Wi-Fi 6(802.11ax), Bluetooth 5, Qualcomm x20 modem features. And also with capable of window 10 pro software.

    Special Patented Features

    • According to information microsoft have patented 2 types of back covers as shown in figure. Among them one was solar powered type cover and other was external speaker equipped type cover. By using these type of features in device it will increase the battery life of device by charging the battery using solar panels even through there wasn’t no sunlight using artificial lights.
    • And the other one was an external speaker equipped type cover will provide an improvement in sound quality for the device. If microsoft included these types of features in surface pro 8 with these new features will provide an wonderful experience for users of this device and also price hike for this device. We have to wait and see what microsoft co operation was thinking to add.

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