Glorious Model O Mouse Review – Price, Specs and In-Depth Review! : Technology

    In this article, we were going to give information on the Glorious Model O Mouse Review. So, kindly read the article until the end to know about the glorious model o mouse price, specifications, and the review.

    Glorious model o mouse an one of the most excellent lightweight and flexible gaming mouse with ultra-light, honeycomb pattern design feature. And it was one of the most recommended mice for gamers also will consist of sensors. This mouse was released on 12th June 2020, and was available for around Rs.8899 in India.

    Glorious Model O Mouse Review - Price, Specs and In-Depth Review! : Technology

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    Glorious Model O Mouse Review and Its Specifications

    • It’s one of the best light weight gaming mouse consists of maximum weight with wire 103g, without wire 67g and also with height 1.5(38 mm), length 5.1(129 mm), width 2.6(67 mm), grip width 61mm.
    • This mouse will be of simple style with an RGB lighting feature on the scroll wheel, inside the mouse, and side of the mouse. It also comes with an ambidextrous design, which makes this mouse more comfortable as the information mouse will consist of six buttons, four on top and the other two on the left side. And this mouse was available in four different colors consists of glossy white & black, matte white & black.
    • If we discuss quality, this mouse is solid made up of plastic without gaps and squeaking. As information, there will be a problem with scroll wheel rubber while scrolling a wheel. The mouse’s body will also consist of honeycomb-patterned holes that have the chance for dust to enter the circuit board and will have chances to affect the performance and durability of the mouse.
    • This mouse will consist of optical(LED) sensor technology with PixArt PMW 3360 model. Also, having a CPI range of 100CPI with a minimum lift-off distance of 1.2mm and a polling rate from 100 HZ to 1000HZ.
    • If we discuss software, this mouse consists of Glorious Model O Software with excellent windows compatibility and partially only macOS compatibility as of information. This wasn’t compatible with macOS.
    • Interested in buying?. Here is the purchase link to buy this lightweight gaming mouse.

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