Why Cavani is not in FIFA 21? – What Might be the Reason? : FIFA 21

FIFA Ultimate team is the game mode in FIFA 21. You can add players from different clubs and nationalities to make the perfect 11 members. But still, it has some restrictions within it. FIFA Ultimate Team has been released, but Edinson Cavani is not in the team, so players are confused about why he is not in the ultimate FIFA team.

Why Cavani is not in FIFA 21? - What Might be the Reason? : FIFA 21

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Edison Cavani

Edison Cavani is a professional footballer who plays as a striker for Premier League club Manchester United and the Uruguay national team. He has highly rated and special cards over ten years of FUT. After his two goals and one-assist performance for Red Devils against Southampton, many players believed he would be In-form in TOTW 10, but he was not added in the FUT itself.

Why Cavani is not in FIFA 21? - What Might be the Reason? : FIFA 21

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What’s the reason?

EA sports have not yet stated anything about why Cavin is missing in the FIFA Ultimate Team. It’s because Manchester United didn’t sign him until after the game was released, as all FIFA 21 promos are available from October 1. So he is a free agent now, and free agents don’t get special cards in FIFA Ultimate team.

Possibilities to be added

Cavani will be added to the Ultimate team technically anytime by EA sports. They can even add him in the Winter Refresh period when the winter transfers and rating upgrade takes place, the changes of skill moves and weak foot get updated so that Cavani may be added to FUT during this Winter Refresh.

In the last two years, winter refresh happened during 14th and 15th of February, so this year, it will be happening this February month. His FIFA 20 base card is 88 rated. In offline, his score is 84 overall, and he has high/high work rates and 3-star skills moves, and 4-star weak foot. So there is a lot of possibilities that he will be added to the FIFA Ultimate Team.

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