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FIFA 21 is a football simulation video game published by Electronic Arts. EA Schedules to Catch up on the Fifa 21 Events.

About Fifa 21 Events

Fifa 21 Events
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FIFA 21 is a world-famous video game, developed by EA(Electronic Arts) Sports, which is featured on the gameplay of
soccer. This is the 28th version of the FIFA series that was released on October 9, 2020. Microsoft Windows, Playstation4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia are few platforms on which it was launched.

The most exciting part of this game is its global series contest. In which the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Champions (FUT) are found and crowned as winners. A team can qualify only when its global series rankings are high in the regional rounds. And once the team gets through it, they can bag the championship title if they successfully get through the playoffs.

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Categories of the Fifa 21 Events and Region

Fifa 21 Events
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Considering the contest, the events are categories into 3 types, namely- Online Regional Cups, Leagues, and Regional Playoffs. A total of 1024 competitors fight for the cup in each region as a part of the first Fifa 21 Events, and then the top scorers join hands with various clubs in the leagues. The final event leads to the Regional Champion title for the top-ranked players from the previous event.

There are 6 broadly categorized regions where this tournament is conducted, and they are Europe, North and South America, East and West Asia, and Oceania. There will 3 qualifier rounds conducted, and each of them has varying dates, depending on the region.  The contest will be completed on schedule, which begins from December 2020 and goes up to June 2021.

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Future Events

The FUT events till 2020 include- Road to the Final, Black Friday, Icon Swap I, TOTGS, FUTmas, and Icon Swap II. The year 2021 has the following set of events Team of the Year, Headliners, Future Stars, Winter Refresh, Winter-Refresh- Team, Shapeshifters, FUT player days, FUT birthday, TOTKS, Team of the Season, FUTTIES, and Pre-Season.

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