Debian 10.8 launches in Linux Extension | The new Linux Extension update is here! : Technology

Hello Tech guys, Debian has come up with the new Debian 10.8 Linux Extension. What’s new in the Debian 10.8 Linux Extension update and when is the update going to release and much more. So, read till the end.

Debian 10.8 version update:

Debian 10.8 launches in Linux Extension | The new Linux Extension update is here! : Technology

  • Debian 10.8 offers ‘Buster‘ with the latest stable version updates with hundreds of package updates as opposed to 10.7.
  • Debian 10.8 includes a variety of bug fixessecurity improvements to a wide range of different packagesthe new Steam packagean updated NVIDIA graphics driver packageupdated timezone detailsand a variety of other fixes/maintenance items.
  • Besides this, Debian 11 is currently under its design, while the new soft freeze kit starts in one week and the hard freeze begins in mid-March.
  • The remainder of the Debian 11 release process is still essential to test, although the stable Debian 11.0 should be released later in this calendar year.
  • The new update includes Flatpak, VLC Player, Th new Linux Kernel, X.Org, OEpnSSl, APT, FirefoxESR, ThunderBird, and Chromium.
  • The Debian 10.8 also got a new version of the Nvidia graphics driver update that will address the service denial problem.

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Debian 10.8 Lunyx Extension release date

Debian 10.8 launches in Linux Extension | The new Linux Extension update is here! : Technology

  • Debian 10.8 is out now for the Linux distribution which was planned ahead of Debian 11 later this year.
  • The project has improved its build scripts, which allow the release images to build “significantly more in parallel” and in turn generate new releases much faster than previous releases, which is remarkable with Debian 10.8.
  • In building the Debian release images much faster, Debian developer Andrew Cater reported the “embarrassingly parallel speed up has worked”.
  • To install Debian 10.8 update go to Terminal.
  • Then type sudo apt update in the terminal.
  • All the package list will be downloaded in the update and your will gets automatic restart while update.
  • So, after this, you will have your successful Debian 10.8 update.
  • You can get more information on the Official page of Debian.

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