How to Fast Travel in Doom Eternal | Doom Eternal Training Guides : Doom Eternal

Some parts of  a game when the the levels get too lengthy, you just wish you can fast forward the particular section. And this urge increases when you are playing a game like Dooms Eternal. Where the levels are a bit long. And it becomes even more irritating if you miss collecting an item and have to redo the whole level again. In such a situation skipping some parts feels just right. For this the game has launched new mode Fast travel. Read the article to know about How to Fast Travel in Doom Eternal.

What is Fast Travel ?

How to Fast Travel in Doom Eternal | Doom Eternal Training Guides : Doom Eternal

fast travel is a teleportation system in a video game which is specially designed and used in open world titles. In this the players can instantly travel or teleport themselves from their current location to a previously found location. Here the players won’t have to travel the actual distance in real time. For doing so there are travelling waypoints and some portals too. In Dooms this fast travel will only be found in the end of the articles. This is slightly different than the normal fast travelling systems. This means you wont be able to fast travel at any point of the game. There are some specific areas and portals from where you can do this. This system can be a bit different and also difficult to understand for some players.

How to Fast Travel in Doom Eternal ?

How to Fast Travel in Doom Eternal | Doom Eternal Training Guides : Doom Eternal

  • If you want to use the fast travel to the fullest then you need to understand the mechanics of this system works. In Dooms the fast travel does not allow you to travel freely around the map. That means this will be handy only for a few situations.
  • For enabling the fast travel system you will have to first complete the following mission. After you complete it then there will be a prompt appearing on the screen hat the fast travel system can now be activated.
  • If you miss the chance of doing so then you will have to redo the whole mission and complete its objectives, after which you will be eligible to use the fast travel again.
  • This system of fast travel is helpful in some areas but in most cases it is not found to be that useful. If there are some minor changes in the system then players will be able to make the most of it.

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