Dean Takahashi Doom Eternal Review – One of the best shooters ever! : Doom Eternal

Dooms Eternal is reviewed by many players as one of the best shooter games to play. And many famous players and e- writers have given numerous positive reviews about the game. Dean Takashi who is the lead writer of games Beat at Venture beat has also commented about the same. He has been a tech journalist for more than 28 years now. And has been covering games for 21 years of his tech journalism career. He joined Venture Beat in 2008. Before that, he has written for many other publications and has also published 2 books. They are “Opening the Xbox” and “The Xbox 360 Uncloaked”.

Dean Takahashi Doom Eternal Review

Dean Takahashi Doom Eternal Review - One of the best shooters ever! : Doom Eternal

On 22nd March 2020, a review article for the Dooms eternal was released by Venture beat. Written by Dean Takashi. he had also tweeted about the same and also attached the article link in the tweet. The tweet said “Finished Doom Eternal and scored it: Doom Eternal review — One of the best shooters, Eva (updated with score)” 

The review article gives a brief summary for the game. In which he has also explained the gameplay. The article also has a section where he has mentioned what the players might or might not like in the game. He has mentioned that the game offers an array of weapons and has bosses that will fill players with a sense of panic.

Dean Takahashi Doom Eternal Review - One of the best shooters ever! : Doom Eternal

The graphics, heavy metal soundtracks and fine-grained difficulty controls were appreciated by him. The very few numbers of bugs the game has was also acknowledged in the article. The difficulty level while a boss battle with a demon is also mentioned and how it gives a fitting end to this epic game.

He has also pointed the issue with a reception in the game. And how the game could have added a bit more of characters to it. Which could make the game more interesting and appealing. Also in his opinion, extra hints could have made the game a lot less frustrating for the players.

He concluded on a positive note for the game. saying that it certainly was the best doom he had ever played.

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