Hitman 3 February Update Gets New Missions and Contracts

In this article, we were going to give information on Hitman’s 3 February Update. Kindly read the article until the end to know about the new missions and contracts received to hitman 3 in the February update.

Hitman 3 a single-player mode online play game created and published by IO interactive. It was one of the most popular and playable games by many people across the world. This game was released on 20th January 2021 and available to play on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox series x/s.

Hitman 3 February Update Gets New Missions and Contracts

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Hitman 3 February Month Update

  • As the hitman series coming more popular among the people, IO interactive has introduced many new updates and features in-game to entertain its players with new game features.
  • On February 3rd, 2021, hitman 3 released a roadmap of the new content update to the game, including new featured contracts and escalations missions. The featured contracts will come from MinnMax and Kinda funny. The escalations will try to test the players their way of approaching the missions.
  • As information, the game will be coming with new content and features. Among those new features, “Baskerville barney,” an escalation mission released for players on February 4th.
  • Sinbad stringent escalation” and another escalation mission will be available for players on 18th February 2021.
  • And featured contracts were also introduced in the roadmap. The first one was “Dubai featured contracts” by MinnMax will be available for players from February 11th.
  • The second one was “Dartmoor featured contracts” by Kindafunny, and another featured contract, as per information, will be available for players from 25th February.
  • And as per information, two new deluxe escalations items were also introduced in-gam. The first one was Gauchito antiquities. The second one was Proloff parable would make available for players from 23rd February. Gauchito antiquity, a deluxe escalation item, will grant deluxe items to players like guru suit and guru’s pen syringe emetic, guru’s emetic grenade. The second one was proloff parable deluxe escalation item will grant white shadow, custom Sieger 300, white katana deluxe items to the players.
  • There was also a feature called Sapienza elusive target in which includes two targets that will be available for players from 26th February.

Hitman 3 February Update Gets New Missions and Contracts

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Hitman 3 Game Update

  • IO interaction was also planning to launch an update to the game on 23rd February, and according to the information update patch will include bug fixes and tweaks to the game. But we have to wait and see till the update has been released to find out the rest of the new features released to the game.

So, that’s it, guys. This was all information on Hitman’s 3 February update. For more information on Hitman 3 game, stay tuned to our website, Game Stanza, and follow us on Google News.

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