Google services banned by Xiaomi in China : Technology

Counted under the Top 10 brands in the world, Xiaomi has now become one of the best companies globally. This brand accepts the strategy of optimum quality with minimum cost, which as a matter of fact, attracts massive users towards it. Xiaomi Corporation is a multinational electronics company in China. Moreover, China is currently in dispute with the U.S. because of Trump’s resolution against it. Furthermore, it has deliberately impacted google services in China and the major company Xiaomi as well. Check the following article to know the reasons.

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China banned Google services.

The Government of China has often banned Google services in their areas. This has adversely affected the Google services many times. As a matter of fact, Google holds its wrath over this topic and have not declared any major statement on it.

Google services banned by Xiaomi in China : Technology

On April 12, 2006, Google officially entered the mainland of China as Google China. In March 2009, the government of China banned Google YouTube for the first time. The reason was YouTube hold some videos of China security forces torturing Tibetans. Google Censorship of search has always been in dispute with China. It practices self-censorship in countries where search content is banned. In January 2010, Google Censorship was shifted to Hong Kong.

Additionally, in March 2010, China completely banned google services. The Chinese government unbanned the services the next day. Again, China entirely banned some google services in the year 2014. In the year 2010, AHN reported the allegations of Google on the Chinese government. Government of China have used company’s services to spy on human rights activists – the allegation from Google.”

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The Trump administration has banned Chinese companies.

In January 2021, Donald Trump has declared 9 Chinese companies on a blacklist. The blacklist includes Xiaomi company as well. The U.S. defense department has tag lined these companies as “Communist Chinese military companies.” With the effect of this order, U.S. investors cannot invest in these blacklist companies anymore.

Xiaomi’s response to Trump

On January 15, 2021, the company has officially responded to the blacklist. It officially stated that the company follows the laws of the country in which it operates. It is not a communist party. Likewise, it is also not owned or controlled by the Chinese military.

Google services banned by Xiaomi in China : Technology

Recently, Chinese users found that they are unable to use Google services in their MIUI systems. Furthermore, the company responds to this. Google services are not available for MI users. The company later updated the users that those smartphones originally do not come with the Google service platform will no longer install any Google service.

The never-ending Cold War between Google and other China companies has now shown its facet to the real world. Stay updated with us. For more, follow us on Google news and stay tuned with Game Stanza.

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