Slaying dragons rewards Destiny 2 | Slaying Dragons Guide in Destiny 2 – Complete guide: Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is full of quests and challenges, in fact there are so many challenges and quests that players find it difficult to complete them within the time limit allotted. Though bungie, the game developer found a way around this problem. Developers started introducing the quest or challenges for a fixed amount of time at regular intervals.  One such quest is the Iron Banner: Slaying Dragons quest. Here’s a complete guide on how to do that. Read on to know all about Slaying dragons rewards Destiny 2 and how to complete it….

Slaying dragons rewards Destiny 2

Slaying dragons rewards Destiny 2 | Slaying Dragons Guide in Destiny 2 - Complete guide: Destiny 2

  • The challenge which is basically a Six part quest is presented to the player by the Non Playable Character Lord Saladin.
  • The quest is one of the Iron banner quests. And tasks the players with playing a certain number of matches with certain guns, or capturing zones etc.
  • One very interesting and convenient thing about the quest is that even though it is a six part quest, the progress you make in a previous level gets carried on to the next level. This is very helpful and makes the grind quite quick.
  • The players will receive several rewards along the way in the quest.

The prime rewards that lord saladin will give at the end are:

  1. The Marble Effigy shader 
  2. the 1530 Centigrade Emblem
  3. You’ll also get a piece of iron will armour for each step!!!

How to complete the Slaying Dragon Challenge

Slaying dragons rewards Destiny 2 | Slaying Dragons Guide in Destiny 2 - Complete guide: Destiny 2

The Challenge is divided into six quests. Here is a complete guide of what you have to do.

First of all go tho lord Saladin and start the quest, you’ll find it looking like this:

  • Quest number one-

Under this you have to perform three tasks, you’ve to use the void ability 5 times , find thirty Guardians along the way and kill them and finally ten zones should also be captured. 

  • Quest number 2-

This time you’ll have to capture another twenty zones, Along the way participate in 6 iron banner matches and while you do all that also kill twenty five guardians with some energy weapon.

  • Quest number 3-

Increase the number of zones to thirty this time and the guardians to kill to hundred, and make sure to take a scout rifle along and get at least twenty precision shots.

  • Quest number 4-

the number of zones for this one will be forty and just get fifteen guardian kills. Just remember to carry a hand cannon and get fifteen kills with it.

  • Quest number 5-

This time it will be fifty zones, also make sure to participate in fifteen crucible matches and also make sure to get ten précision shots in them in aggregate.

  • Quest number 6-

After all this hard work you just have to talk to lord Saladin and claim your rewards!!!!!

So here you have it, go and grab them now….

For more such updates, stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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