Pokemon Go Sneasel – How to Get the Shiny Sneasel ? : Pokemon Go

Pokemon go launches an event every now and then, and creates a buzz all over it’s player community. This time it’s the Limited Research featuring Sneasel!!! Many players have reported in the past of trying to search for the awesome Shiny Sneasel but not getting one. Well now is finally the time when you can get it!!! The developers in a post announced that a hoard of Sneasel will be available in the upcoming event and also there are chances for the shiny Sneasel. So if you were too one the seekers of this beautiful pinky and shiny pokemon, there is no chance you can miss this event. Here is a complete guide on what we know about the Sneasel and the upcoming event. Read on to find out  How to Get the Shiny Sneasel in Pokemon Go or Pokemon Go Sneasel. 

Pokemon Go Sneasel – The Shiny Sneasel.

If you are a Pokemon go player already, surely you know all about the Sneasel. For those who are new here are the key highlights of the pokemon.

Pokemon Go Sneasel - How to Get the Shiny Sneasel ? : Pokemon Go

  • It is a Dark and ice type pokemon.
  • The pokemon is introduced as a stealer of eggs from birds nest on the trees, this they do by jumping from branch to branch using their sharp claws.
  • Maximum CP that the pokemon can have is 2,051 achieved at level 40.
  • Maximum Hp that the pokemon can have is 127 achieved at level 40.
  • Basic status of the pokemon:
    • Attack    – 189
    • Defense – 146
    • Stamina – 146
  • The height and weight of the pokemon are 0.89 metres and 28 kgs respectively.
  • All the moves of Sneasel:
    • Ice Shard
    • Feint Attack
    • Ice Punch
    • Avalanche
    • Foul Play
    • Frustration Shadow
    • Return Purified
  • The evolutioned form of Sneasel is Weavile.

The baic Sneasel has a simple black fur, whereas the shiny Sneasel has a shiny pink fur. But they are extremely rare. You’ve to be highly lucky to get one usually. But the latest event announced by the developers may be the perfect way to get one.

How to get the Shiny Sneasel ?

The developers recently announced on the pokemon go official website that the Limited Research featuring Sneasel would be held.

Pokemon Go Sneasel - How to Get the Shiny Sneasel ? : Pokemon Go

The post said that the event will have field events which will involve the players getting face to face with many Sneasels, and the post also says that there are sure to be some shiny ones too!!!!

So, all you have to do is participate in the quest which goes on for a solid 14 hours, so you have a lot of time to catch those shiny Sneasels. Go on and catch them now….

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