Who is Lady DimitRescu ? – Everything you need to know : Resident Evil Village

Though what takes the centre stage in all this talk is whom everyone is calling the antagonist of this installment, the tall and fabulous Lady DimitRescu. The lady who has a spooky and vampire like charm about her has been the talk of the town since the trailer arrived. Though nothing has been confirmed as yet about the lady, though we have a pretty good idea of who she might be. Here is everything you need to know about Lady DimitRescu. Read on to find out Who is Lady DimitRescu…

The mysterious Lady DimitRescu

Though the resident evil series has already been acclaimed for its innovative and spooky character design, many feel that the developers have really out done themselves this time.

Who is Lady DimitRescu ? - Everything you need to know : Resident Evil Village

Lady DimitRescu’s character, though the viewers just caught a small clip of her in the trailer have dominated the minds of many. 

Not many things are known about the lady though, what we do know is that in the clip the woman is shown talking over the phone to someone called Mother miranda. They are talking about some escaped prisoner Ethan Winters, who as you’ll know is the protagonist from Resident Evil 7. Some body of the name Heisenberg is mentioned. And there is also a mention of the three daughters of the lady.

So this conversation along with the appearance and past knowledge of the series gives us several hints as to what this lady is doing and who she must be.

Who is Lady DimitRescu ?

First off it is for sure that this lady will play a huge role in the upcoming installment, how many people are calling her the prime antagonist. But we don’t agree.

Who is Lady DimitRescu ? - Everything you need to know : Resident Evil Village

  • In the clip we mentioned above, the lady is seen reporting about an escape to this mysterious “Mother miranda”. Now from the tone of the conversation it is clear that it is not the lady but this mother character who would be in actual charge.
  • There is also a mention of the lady’s brother in the trailer, and also the three daughters. The three daughters provide a big clue as to the actual nature of the lady.
  • The three daughters referred here must be the insect changing women shown in the trailer, this suggests that the lady who looks like some tall Victorian beauty, might actually be a hideous monster.
  • It is also quite sure that the lady has some vampire connection, so well no doubt she’ll be one of those tough baddies in the game,but as for the prime antagonist the mother Miranda character proves more promising.

Okay, so here was all we knew as yet about the mysterious lady. We’ll keep you updated as new things come up…

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