How has microsoft edge evolved from Internet explorer in windows 10 ? : Technology

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In this article we were going to give information on how microsoft edge evolved from internet explorer in windows 10.

  • Microsoft edge an cross platform web browser created and published by Microsoft cooperation on 29th July,2015. It’s an web browser like google chrome and Firefox with little differences. But this browser was completely owned and supported by microsoft cooperation. This microsoft edge will come in-built for windows 10 users.
  • As many of you have doubt is microsoft edge an internet explorer?. No, it’s not an internet explorer this was an new web browser developed and released by microsoft.

Microsoft Edge Evolution From Internet Explorer:

How has microsoft edge evolved from Internet explorer in windows 10 ? : Technology

  • Edge an new web browser application created by microsoft to replace internet explorer 11 browser in windows 10. Microsoft edge will consists many new features and with compatibility access to all microsoft apps, new security and malware protection.
  • On 19th August,2020 microsoft have announced that they were on the way to stopping the services like office 365, One drives, outlook and many more and apps support of internet explorer 11 from August 17th,2021.
  • As a part of it microsoft have stopped it’s support for team web app from internet explorer on 30th November,2020 onwards. To access microsoft teams we have to use new microsoft edge browser.
  • And as per information on August 17th,2021 microsoft cooperation were completely stopping the support to internet explorer and users weren’t able to access microsoft 365 apps and series of microsoft on internet explorer 11.
  • To provide easy changing environment for enterprises  internet explorer 11 to microsoft edge company have added new internet explorer legacy mode in new microsoft edge browser which will let the enterprise customers browse the website built in internet explorer till the microsoft drops it’s complete support for internet explorer in Windows 10.
  • An important information that company have announced that it was also stopping support for existing microsoft edge legacy desktop app on march 9th,2021. And after it will not release any security update for that browser after march.

Microsoft Completely Stopped Supporting Legacy APP?

  • As microsoft were planning to introduce new chromium based microsoft edge browser. The company have announced microsoft edge legacy desktop app will support new microsoft edge app and also announced company will support edge legacy app only if compatibility issues were araised after march through App Assure. Many of it’s time it will work on and were going to release new feature update to new microsoft edge browser for windows 10.

So, this was all information on microsoft edge evolved from internet explorer 11 in windows 10.

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