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Too many speculations have been going around for the launch of PUBG Mobile: India. While, when it was first announced, it seemed that PUBG would arrive by December. But troubles never ended for PUBG. We will be discussing every detail available. Read till the end.

PUBG coming new version in 2021 or 2022 ? - Release date, leaks and update!

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On 2 September 2020, PUBG Mobile India was barred from the country by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. 118 mobile applications in the country citing national security, including PUBG, were banned by the central government. Millions of users are waiting for PUBG Mobile India to make a comeback, but the Ministry has made it clear that the Battle Royale Game in India will not be re-launched.

PUBG coming new version in 2021 or 2022 ? - Release date, leaks and update!

Recently, on its LinkedIn profile for Senior Esports Consultant, Krafton Inc. posted a work opening. A few hours later, the work postings were deleted. Bengaluru was the location of the work, where the PUBG Mobile India headquarters will be. PUBG Mobile India was teased on 12 November with a trailer asking the question we have all been asking so far – PUBG kab aayega? In the following press release, the South Korean company also announced an initial $100 million investment to create an eSports ecosystem in the region.

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Latest Update

Grapevine indicates that the PUBG Mobile India game could be released in India this week. Or maybe the next week or the next week. It is an endless cycle that will not stop until an official announcement from the gossip mill.

PUBG coming new version in 2021 or 2022 ? - Release date, leaks and update!

Even if we understand the rumors about this week’s launch of PUBG Mobile India, but PUBG Corporation is curiously quiet about the situation.

Release Date?

After the Diwali teaser, the company said nothing. However, some reports have done so. Another rumor later quoted a PUBG Corporation official saying that, given the stalemate between the company and the Indian government, there is no way PUBG Mobile India will launch before March this year.

The plans to return PUBG Mobile to India in a new censored avatar appear to be falling apart for now. And maybe eventually meet death if the business does not find a solution to the problem.

So, the released date of PUBG is still unclear. For more updates, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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