Glitterdust World of Warcraft – Everything about and around it! : World of Warcraft

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Update yourself regarding the pet battle in Glitterdust World of Warcraft. Go through this article that features a detailed guide for the same.

Glitterdust World of Warcraft

Glitterdust World of Warcraft - Everything about and around it! : World of Warcraft

  • Glitterdust is an NPC character that one will observe during the Battle Pet World Quest. It is a bug looking creature with glittering wings.
  • It came into the game along with the patch It features 135,113 as of its health point figure, which is quite amusing.
  • This creature is found in Ardenweald area of the map and is of the “critter” type. The highlight of glitterdust is its wingspan and its team of pets.
  • It battles against the natural defenders and ranges between 50 to 60 in Level. 8150 is its experience number.
  • As a natural defender team, the player must bring down the Glitterdust and its team. On doing so you will achieve 9450 XP and 125 reputation with the Wild Hunt.

Guide to Beat Glitterdust

  • Defeating glitterdust might seem difficult but it can be done with the right team. Make sure that your team comprises of Teroclaw Hatchling, Darkmoon Zeppelin, and Nexus Whelpling.
  • Initiate the battle with Terroclaw Hatchling and it will be facing slugger from the rival team. Claw, dodge, claw and ravage are few moves you must perform to bring down the opponent. You will have victory against your first opponent.
  • Let Darkmoon Zeppelin enter the arena for your second opponent Runehoof. Victory will definitely be yours but in case things don’t go as planned, bring up Nexus Whelpling.
  • Two of your members will be in the ground facing your last opponent- Duster. Make use of bombing, run and missile and The Wild Hunt quest will be yours.

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