Mixing a Mess World of Warcraft – Guide of the World Quest Missing A Mess : World of Warcraft

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Mixing a Mess World of Warcraft : An another WoW quest that is sure to take you for an exciting ride is up and around. World of Warcraft’s Shadowland brings you a quest called Mixing a Mess. It is one of the quests from the category of World Quests of WoW. This quest is offered by the Plague Deviser Marileth who is a renowned necromancer of House of Plagues.

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Mixing a Mess quest requires the players to collect various oozing ingredients from slimes and throw those collected ingredients into Pool of Mixed Monstrosities. The ingredients that are required to pile up are Miscible Ooze, Mephitic Goo and Viscous Oil. The description seems quite simple and the task is equally straightforward. This article enlists the steps that are to be followed to achieve this quest. Let’s get into it-

Missing A Mess Quest World of Warcraft

Mixing a Mess World of Warcraft - Guide of the World Quest Missing A Mess : World of Warcraft

  • Begin the quest normally and look for the slime enemies. You’ll have to search for them and go upon them to kill. Killing them will ooze out an ingredient, Miscible Ooze which is vital to assemble. Pour out the collected ingredient into the Pool of Mixed Monstrosities.
  • Similarly look for another slime enemy and repeat the process. Collect your next ingredient i.e. Mephitic Goo and throw into the pool.
  • One more slime to kill and you’ll get the last ingredient Viscous Oil. After you successfully pour out all the three ingredients asked into the pool, that’ll lead you to the victory of the Mixing a Mess Quest.
  • Marileth will address you next and will reward you for your achievement. Just like most other quests, winning in this challenge will reward you 9,450 XP and a bonus of 125 Rep with The Undying Army.

This brings you to the end of another World of Warcraft guide that is Mixing a Mess. Hope it served your purpose.

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