Bloodborne Fan made remake PS1 version – Release date, trailer and launch date confirmed?

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A Bloodborne Fan imagines the bloodborne into a new Hunter Dream cutscene. Lilith Walther gamer is made a remake PS1 version of Bloodborne. Let’s see what new in the remake version.

BloodBorne Original version

  • Bloodborne is a tough action combat game with puzzling and dangerous explorationit is played between 3 players.
  • You advance through the world at the heart of itchopping down enemies before you meet the boss of a specific sectionwhich you must beat to progress through the level.
  • Environments are associated with unlockable shortcutsand players have some freedom to choose which region they first answer.

Remake version of Bloodborne by Lilith Walther

  • Lilith Walther is developing the Bloodborne PSX version will be the remake version of the original game and is available for the PS1.
  • Bloodborne PSX is still under development by Lilith, and if you want any update regarding the game, you can check on the heartstrings studio’s indie JRPG Witch or check on her project Arcus.
  • It’s been a while since I heard anything about the reboot news of BloodborneIt can also hurt Bloodborne’s itch following the PS1 “demake“.

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