How to get alkane dust destiny 2 – Complete guide for beginner! : Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 is a great game. The players are ever growing even though it has been over 4 years. This can be attributed to the many positives of the game including its versatile gameplay, great assortment of weapons and numerous maps too. But the most prominent thing that stands out is the highly rewarding gameplay options it provides. The game devs achieve this by updating the game mechanics regularly. The players are made to compete with several players in tough combat, this makes the players work for better weapons and gears. The game introduced a new weapon upgrade system, which requires the players to have alkane dust in considerable amounts to be able to upgrade gear. Read on to find out How to get alkane dust destiny 2.

What is alkane dust ?

How to get alkane dust destiny 2 - Complete guide for beginner! : Destiny 2

  • It is actually the floating reddish stuff that you can found strewn around here and there at the water-clogged titan moon.
  • They are just one of those planetary elements that you can find strewn around and those can be very useful for upgrading your gear.
  • They may look like disgusting balls, but are really quite useful, and if you don’t know where to look they can also be quite elusive.

How to get alkane dust destiny 2 - Complete guide for beginner! : Destiny 2

  • Though if you know exactly what to do, you can farm quite a lot of these in just an hour or two. Below you’ll find all you need to know to ace your way through.

How to get alkane dust destiny 2

Here is a list of all the best methods by which you can get this elusive item:

  • The easiest and most rewarding way is through public events. Head over to solane in siren’s watch and complete all her daily bounties. Upon completion of one bounty you’ll get a hefty amount of 10 alkane dust. Note that the bounties have to be completed within 24 hours then only you’ll get the alkane dust.

How to get alkane dust destiny 2 - Complete guide for beginner! : Destiny 2

  • Now you go to complete the public events, complete the event and get another 2 alkane dust per event. Most of your solane bounties will also be completed in these events.
  • If you complete kill based patrols nearby you can gain another 2 alkane dust.
  • The Moon of Saturn ghost shell can also be used and then will get the location of the enemy treasure chest easily. Each of these give 2 alkane dust each.
  • Find all the Region chests in the game, each of them gives a hefty 6 alkane dust.
  • The lost sectors also grant 4 alkane dust after beating them.
  • Finally, you can always visit the Spider on the Tangled Shore. But the price there is often quite high.

So here you have it all the best ways to farm these elusive planetary elements….

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