Blizzard All About Latest Update 2.0 – What are the new changes ? : Technology

    We sure love it when a developer goes an extra mile to make the experience better. To make browsing through your library of games a little easier, Blizzard Entertainment is rolling out Battle.Net 2 Update. The desktop app is getting an update, and fans experience in games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch are expected to get better with improved navigation in the browser. Let’s see what more details we know about the Blizzard’s new update rollout. 

    This new patch update of the is expected to start with parts of North America first to ensure a steady launch. Players had already an opportunity to take part in the Beta version of the update before the actual release.

    Blizzard All About Latest Update 2.0

    Blizzard All About Latest Update 2.0 - What are the new changes ? : Technology

    • Improved navigation and layout—you can now favorite your games and arrange them for ease of access
    • A much more expansive layout for news and game content in full-page view
    • A revamped social pane so you can better see your friends and what they’re up to on each game tab 
    • Major accessibility improvements—we’ve added the ability to navigate most of the app with your keyboard, increased our screen reader support, and improved the color contrast
    • A new, consolidated notifications hub for messages and download status

    Blizzard All About Latest Update 2.0 - What are the new changes ? : Technology browser has been the gateway for players into Blizzard Games since 1996. Fans have been loving the beta version, and are excited from every corner of the world for the new browser updates launch. The change is expected to be major updates after many years. Blizzard Entertainment’s official notification on the 2.0 is available here to read. 

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