World Championship : Shadowlands 2021 Season 1 Every thing you want to know

The World of Warcraft has been a game many of us grew up with. Some of the well-known names like Henry Cavill are a fan of this game as well. The MMORPG has been around and inspired many games in the MOBA genre, such as DOTA, League of Legends, Free Fire, and many more. 2020 brought us some news in the classic game. With the launch of Shadowlands in 2020, the game quickly became the talk of all things.

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World Championship: Shadowlands 2021

World Championship : Shadowlands 2021 Season 1 Every thing you want to know

Now, we have even more good information for us. Reportedly, seeing the online competitive community on the rise. WOW, developers are also diving into the world of Esports.  The game is getting its first world championship. Season 1 of Shadowlands World Championships kick off on January 15th and will go on till the first week of March. The open tournaments will be held on every Friday. Over 200 teams have enrolled in the single-elimination format games. For now, the tournament is only in the North America and Europe circuits, but as it picks up eventually, more people are expected to join.

People can enroll in 4 individual cup seasons where they will contest for a prize pool of 10,000USD. The match format will be 3 v 3 with a best of 5 to decide the winning in a single-elimination format. People can expect to watch over 49 matches in a day. All of which will be streamed on the youtube page of World of Warcraft.

Additionally, some well-known faces have been brought in for a game casting. The casters panel consists of Eiya, Ziqo, Supatease, Venruki. All of which have been consistently active in league casting and are dedicated Twitch streamers.

For now, I think our weekends will be packed, looking at all the exciting action that goes down. So, there you have it. This is all the information that you need to know about the World Championship: Shadowlands 2021. To get more information about the World Championship, follow us on Game Stanza and Google News.

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