POKEMON GO: Spotlight Hour Everything you need to Know : Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour is here. All you should know about the weekly event. Today I will guide you about what is spotlight hour in pokemon go and how to prepare for spotlight hour.

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Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour

  • The Pokemon Go spotlight hour is a weekly experience highlighting one pokemon surprise and one unique bonus result.
  • The bonus emerges during the mystery bonus hour, and this mini-event was paired with a spotlight hour at the beginning of April 2020.
  • For one hourthe chosen Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wildallowing you to catch as many as you canIt could help you fill in or find a strong raiding Pokemon in a missing entry.
  • The bonus will assist you with your important pokemon journey. That can be anything like double transfer candy, which will allow you to evolve into a faster pokemon or maybe double catch stardust.

How to prepare for Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go?

POKEMON GO: Spotlight Hour Everything you need to Know : Pokemon Go

  • If you’re going to take part in the Spotlight Hourso you can prep for the situation in a few ways.
  • The first thing you should make sure that you have enough berries and poke balls. You will only have one hour to catch as much as pokemon as possible.
  • The second thing you should make sure of is that you only have a place left in your pokemon storage box. You don’t need to spend many spotlight hours transferring unnecessary pokemon rather than items unless this incentive is double transfer sweets.
  • At last, Check for the lures. By using the lure, you can increase your pokemon count for a half-hour in the wild. It will help you to encounter more mystery pokemon during spotlight hour.
  • Finally, you will get to use the lucky egg or star piece during the spotlight hour.

So, there you have it, guys. This was all the information you need to know about Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour. To get more updates on Pokemon Go, follow us on Game Stanza and Google News.

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