Path of Exile – Echoes of Atlas Launch Date confirm for PC, PS & Xbox One!

    Great news guys, Path of Exile: Echoes of Atlas launch date is confirmed. Path of Exile: Echoes of Atlas is available for which platform and much more about it. So, stay till the end.

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    About Path of Exile: Echoes of Atlas

    • The Grinding gear games have disclosed the new path of exileThey are focusing mainly on end gaming contentand it is titled Echoes of the Atlas.
    • The new updates to this game are the 11 new maps are added which are associated with the boss fights to the atlas, which includes new locations like Grave Trough, Frozen Cabins, Forking River, and Dry Sea.
    • New to Path of Exile is the introduction of regional talent trees. Players will specialize in every region of their Atlas, with their own passive talent trees.
    • It introduced The Maven, who is Echoes of the Atlas’s latest pinnacle boss.

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    Release date and Available platforms

    The PC version of Path of Exile will arrive on January 15. On January 20, it will come for PlayStation 4 and Xbox.

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