God of War Ragnarok – Release date, Features, Story and More! The new teaser is our, are you as excited as us?

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The age-old classic action game is getting a revamp for the new PS 5. Read all about God of War Ragnarok: Release Date, Features, Story, and More!

The game got its massive reboot in 2018. Where Kratos turned from a greek demigod of massive destruction into a protective and nurturing parental figure. Over the years, the game has continuously evolved. It has come up with newer storylines to keep its fans engaged. The most recent iteration from 2018 saw some serious changes. Kratos’s story now drifts heavily towards the Norse Mythology. Keeping up with the storyline, the game is set to release its version for the new PS5.

Coming in 2021, the latest game is God of War Ragnarok. Ragnarok literally meaning doomsday. We are going to see some serious action. The game was announced in September 2020, and is in the works. We are expecting it to release in late 2021 hopefully.

How much would GoW: Ragnarok cost?

God of War Ragnarok - Release date, Features, Story and More! The new teaser is our, are you as excited as us?

Our estimate for God of War, based on the prices for other PS5 games is around 4000-5000 ₹. Considering most games are costing between 3999₹ and 4999₹.

What can the storyline be?

  • We expect the story to be a sequel to the 2018 God of War. The game will most likely follow Kratos and Atreus around the Scandinavian planes. Probably occasionally slipping into different worlds as well as per the nordic mythology. Considering the mess Baldur(Brother of Thor), made in the 2018 game.
  • We expect we will probably see Thor in the game a few times as well. There could be many similarities to AC: Valhalla, considering that both the games are loosely based around Norse myths. However, we are sure to accept that, while Eivor is a menacing Viking, Kratos is literally a demigod.
  • This probably puts a huge power gap between them and therefore, the perspective of the whole RPG would be different.
  • Lastly, Ragnarok is an absolute doomsday for all gods and men. We think it’s very similar to what we saw in MCU’s Thor: The Dark World. Where the worlds began to converge over each other for a brief period allowing for portals in and out of various universes.
  • If such a thing comes to be, the fight sequences would be very dynamic and just awesome. However, there isn’t much to go on based on the teaser. Only that it is happening, and it is happening in 2021!

Here is the teaser!

This is all we have deduced so far! Keep reading GameStanza for latest news on it all.

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