How to Switch from Android to iPhone – Full guide for new iphone users : Technology

Switching devices can seem a headache to anyone. Especially when you are switching from android to IOS. as you are not only switching devices, but an operating system all together. Which can be very tedious task for anyone who is not that used to with technology. But switching systems can actually turn out to be the easiest part of the process. So, we have a guide for you on How to Switch from Android to iPhone.

How to Switch from Android to iPhone

How to Switch from Android to iPhone - Full guide for new iphone users : Technology

In 2015, Apple had launched only 2 apps that android users can download. One is Move to IOS and the other one is Apple music. This app Move to IOS is an essential while switching from Android to IOS. The other steps that you will have to follow will be accordingly.


  • Data Backup

If you are changing your operating system, then backing up your data is a must. this will help you secure all your important information in case of any technical error. Firstly, go to Backup and reset in the settings on your Android device. Then check that you have a working email id under the “Backup account” and make sure “Back up my data” is set to “On”.

  • Download Photos in Google Photo

For all those people who want to preserve all their special memories (pictures). They will first have to save all their pictures in on the google photos. It is accessible on both Android as well as IOS. So it will be the best precautionary measure. As transferring all your picture in a go may take some time and there is a risk of losing them permanently in case any technical issue arises.

  • Begin setup process on your iphone, until your screen shows “Apps and data”

when you are doing this step of the process make suure that you have plugged in both the devices into a power source. As the process will require a whole lot of power and there is a chance that the phones may die in between.

How to Switch from Android to iPhone - Full guide for new iphone users : Technology

  • Move to IOS

On your android phone download the apple’s Move to IOS app. After that power on your IPhone. While at the setting up process, select the option that says “Move data from Android” in the IPhone. And after that you will get a 12 digit number. Enter the code into the Android app.

The Iphone will create its own WiFi network to transfer the data. And it will copy all your information into the IPhone.

  • Start transfer

The transferring process may take a while. After the transfer process is over, you will see a notification on your old device that will ask you to get it recycled in an Apple Store. And will also show that an option to finish the setting up process on the IPhone device.

  • App Download

Apple doesn’t allow you to transfer applications from Android phone. You will have to manually download similar applications available on your Apple device.

So this was all about transferring data from android to iphone.

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