15 Similarities Between WhatsApp and Telegram – All You Need to Know : Technology

Since WhatsApp released their updated terms and conditions, the internet is rife with uproar. There are thousands of people urging others to switch to other messaging platforms like telegram or signal. There have been multiple articles online comparing WhatsApp with its rival. Today we bring you a list of 15 similarities between WhatsApp and its a prime competitor in the market telegram. Read on to find out actually how alike the two platforms are…

WhatsApp and Telegram

Until a few days back, Telegram was just another competitor for Whatsapp, the messaging platforms’ market leader. But all hell broke loose when WhatsApp decided to change its privacy policies. Reportedly these policies make it easier for Facebook to pry upon the WhatsApp user’s data. 

15 Similarities Between WhatsApp and Telegram - All You Need to Know : Technology

  • This has caused several people to look for alternatives.
  • The most popular of them is a telegram, which styles itself as a platform built for safety and security.
  • Telegram boasts that it provides a much higher encryption level than its counterparts and has a higher level of security against attacks from potential hackers. 
  • Though, the telegram itself was dragged into some uproar as, according to some, the newly introduced nearby people feature on the platform caused some serious privacy concerns for the users. 
  • Nonetheless, telegram still provides a high level of security and anonymity to the users, which are considered superior to WhatsApp.
  • And as Whatsapp, it seems, is not rolling back its policies anytime soon, this has made people think about switching over to telegram (with the nearby people feature off obviously!!).


Very well, but now Let’s look at what these two platforms have in common and would it be easy to shift from one to another….

15 Similarities Between WhatsApp and Telegram

15 Similarities Between WhatsApp and Telegram - All You Need to Know : Technology

  1. Both the apps are basically messaging platforms that can send and receive text messages and media over an internet connection.
  2. Both the apps are available in the android play store apple app store. Furthermore, the web version of both apps is also available.
  3. Both give the option of pinning the most important chats.
  4. Both apps show the last seen status by default.
  5. Both give the facility of self-destructing messages.
  6. Both have cloud synchronization options.
  7. End-to-end encryption is present in both. In WhatsApp, it is present by default. In the telegram, there is the same feature with the name secret chats.
  8. Both platforms allow sending GIFs.
  9. Both platforms have internal media players.
  10. Both platforms have image compression and image editing facilities built-in.
  11. Both have memory usage manager ability.
  12. Users can post a status update on both platforms.
  13. Both platforms have the facility of two-step verification to secure the user’s account.
  14. Audio calls and messages are supported on both platforms.
  15. Groups can be made on both platforms, though the number of group members varies for both platforms.

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