Google Assistant’s New “Do Nothing” mode – What does it actually do? : Technology

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Google has been changing it’s technology since a long time now, with the great Google assistant we have managed to use the phone without touching the Phone! Well, sometimes it might get a bit irritating. With the new Google assistant feature, you might get a hang of it, let’s talk about Google Assistant’s New “Do Nothing” mode.

Google Assistant’s New “Do Nothing” mode

Google partnered with Cadbury to give a ‘Do Nothing’ mode feature. This mode can be triggered by saying, “Ok, Google, eat a 5 Star.” Google Assistant will neither do any work nor let you work too hard after activating.

In this mode, Google will advise you to do nothing but take a break.

Google Assistant's New "Do Nothing" mode - What does it actually do? : Technology

How To Activate This:

You can activate this mode just by saying, “Ok, Google, eat a 5 Star.” Once activated, you will hear a munching sound.

What Does It Do:

Basically, it does nothing, and it will motivate you to do the same too. Whether you ask Google to book a cab or set the alarm, Google won’t do it. If you ask for the weather, Google will reply, ‘Be cool and chill. Coz the weather isn’t.’ If you ask google to book a cab, Google will reply, ‘Your Driver will arrive in… (some sounds of a wheel) Oops. It looks like you are not going anywhere).’

In short, whatever you ask, Google will give a witty response and do nothing. This feature is aimed at helping people relax. Also, you will get some creative answers too.

Google says that,

While Google Assistant helps you become more PRODUCTIVE, with the 5 Star Do Nothing Mode it gives you more PERSPECTIVE. It will act like a chilled-out friend who is always by your side, motivating you to take.

This latest feature is available on Android 6.0 and higher smartwatches, smart TVs and tablets, Google Home, Android phones running on Android 5.0 and higher, iOS devices running on iOS 10 and higher, headphones and smart displays powered by Google Assistant.

One more thing is to be noted that this feature is only available for Indian users.

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