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Google Docs

Google is an American origin, an internet-service related multinational company which offers various suites for easing our work. One of them is Google Docs which indulges with document processing. This word processor came out 14 years ago and is available in 100 different languages. One can handle document files through this application and perform various operations such as editing, storing, etc. With apt technical features, anyone can use it for simple daily work.

Screenshot Glitch in Google Docs

Recently, a security researcher named Sreeram KL in Google company came across some feedbacks which stated issues relating to glitches. On further research, he found that there were few bugs which caused this problem and it was pretty serious since the bug provided access to third party client to take screenshots of your document. As a part of Google’s bug bounty program, he received $3,133.70 to identify such a severe problem.

Screenshot Glitch in Google Docs - How to Fix that ? Something to get over with! : Technology

This problem was put in light on 9th July 2020 and the Google engineers were into it without further delay.  Their efficient work has not only resolved this problem but also found the problem source. The weak URL structure made it possible for the hackers to access and take screenshots or notes of any document. This is the cause of glitches on your Docs screen. You can also see glitches while pasting text in the Docs.

The missing X-frame-options header also added to this problem. It enables the bug to change the frame and send the file to any external site or malicious link and hackers can take advantage of it.

Fortunately, triggering the issue is possible only from the user’s side. The “send feedback” button’s vulnerability is the cause for the former. On troubleshooting a few technical features, the bug and issue, both got out of the way. Mending this serious issue without any hassle was not a big deal, all thanks to Sreeram and all the technical hands behind.

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