Among Us Mafia mod – Everything to update yourself about : Among Us

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Among Us

Among Us is an Innersloth development and publishment that is currently one of the top trending games in the world. This online game supports only multiplayer mode and is based on social deduction genre. Its release date varies with the platform. Android, iOS and Windows got the game in the same year 2018, but at different dates. Nintendo Switch has this game since December 15, 2020, and Xbox will have it by 2021.

Among Us Mafia mod - Everything to update yourself about : Among Us

The gameplay is all about identifying and eliminating your opponent within the group of 4 to 10 players. As a player, you get to choose your role as an imposter or crewmate. Imposters have crewmates as their opponents and crewmates have imposters. In the former case, you should bring down all the crewmates without getting caught and in the latter, you should team up with other crewmates and bring down the imposter.


Mafia or Werewolf is also a social deduction game whose father is  Dimitry Davidoff. This game came out in 1986 and it takes 15 mins to 1 hour, to play. Through this game, one develops his or her strategic thinking and social skills along with team and role play.

According to the gameplay, there will be two teams- one is a minority of mafias or werewolves and another is the majority- villagers. Villagers only know about the count of werewolves, but no one knows any other person’s identity. In the night phase, the mafia kills some of the villagers and in the morning phase, the survivors discuss and eliminate the suspect. It may or may not be the right decision.

Among Us Mafia mod

Among Us Mafia mod - Everything to update yourself about : Among Us

Among Us features a lot of mods to enhance the game and interest of the players. Mafia is one of such modes that are currently under development and will come out soon. In this mod, the game and gameplay are similar to that of the base game strategy but there will be new roles allotted for the players. Here, one of the players in the imposter team sets the role of Mafia. This player cannot kill his or her crewmates but knows all the imposters. The mafia has access to all the crewmate things also. The player’s key role is to divert the crewmates and keep them away from being alerted or suspicious. Another new role includes that of a janitor. This character cleans up all the dead bodies that he or she finds. This makes things easier for the imposters and mafia while crewmates will have a hard time, outsmarting the former and taking the dais.

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