What is vigilante mod among us ? – Facts and Details : Among Us

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What is vigilante mod among us ?  is one of the top trending questions right now. To get the answer and additional information check out this article.

Among Us

Among Us is a prominent online multiplayer mode game that is based on the social deduction and party genre. It comprises of space theme whose developer and publisher are Innersloth. It came out on Andriod, iOS, and Windows platform on June 15 and November 16 of 2018, respectively. Nintendo Switch got this game recently, on December 15, 2020, and Xbox will soon get it, within 2021.

The gameplay is all about identifying and putting an end to the opponent. Here, the player gets to choose between his or her role as crewmate or imposter. If they play the role of the former, then their opponent is latter and vice versa. Their challenge is to eliminate the respective opponents before they die since the majority of surviving role wins.

What is vigilante mod among us ?

Among Us game, got a new mod version which features new characters and other exciting parameters and that is called the “Vigilante Mod” – a.k.a “Sheriff mod”. With significant user traffic in the US and Canada, this mod is quite popular over there. Several gamers prefer this latest mod for having a fine time playing and streaming.

What is vigilante mod among us ? - Facts and Details : Among Us

There is no big difference in the gameplay of this mod as it is also about bringing down the opponents before they do it to you. The new addition in it is, there will be a new character or an old one with a new role. The person with this role is mentioned as vigilante or sheriff and his or her name is marked in green.

They are a part of crewmen only but will have other tasks in addition to killing the imposters. They must also find out the identity of an imposter which fill further ease their identification and elimination.

The special ability of the sheriff is that he or she can take down anyone who is close to them that is crewman or imposter. If they take down imposter, victory will be theirs and if they take down a crewman then they will die instead of the former. With this character, the crewman becomes powerful in their defence but if they take the risk that doesn’t end well, then the imposters are sure of winning. Sometimes the vigilant may survive even if they mess up but that is possible only when they eliminate an imposter.

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