Samsung Galaxy mobiles can now forward call to Windows PC – Everything you must know!

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Samsung’s greatest upgrade of all time is here. Now you can use your Samsung Galaxy devices to forward call to a Windows PC. Pretty impressive upgrade, I would say. So, in this article, let’s discuss deeper about this concept.

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Samsung Galaxy

The world-famous Samsung is the name of a multi-industry MNC whose headquarters is in South Korea. This private conglomerate serves all over the world. It produces various products such as chemicals, automotive, consumer electronics, home appliances, telecommunication equipment, and much more.

Samsung Galaxy mobiles can now forward call to Windows PC - Everything you must know!

Samsung Galaxy is mobile computing and computing devices like smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, etc. It is shortly referred to as SG, and it a product series manufactured and marketed by Samsung Electronics. Today, there are several pieces of phones and other devices of different models under this tag.

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Samsung Galaxy mobiles can now forward call to Windows PC?

Yes! Samsung Galaxy mobiles can now forward call to Windows PC. Not just calls, but you can also get your phone’s screen mirror on your laptop. This implies you can send files, sync faster, get notifications, and respond to calls and messages. The screen and setting vary according to both the devices’ software and model, but it is quite possible to do so until they share the same network.

To set up a link between your phone and PC, first, have a Microsoft account and make sure that your Windows and PC system is up to date. Get the “Your Phone” app on both the devices, as it is the link that will establish a connection between them. Provide it with the permission to perform syncing activities and click “Link to Windows” on your phone and “Open Your Phone” on PC. There will be a QR code occurring, which will direct you to a set of scanning instructions. On executing them, you will successfully establish a connection between the devices.

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Things to Note:

  •  Galaxy S, Galaxy Note-series flagships, and Samsung’s foldable (released to date) smartphone’s last three generations comprise this feature.
  •  The Galaxy XCover Pro, Galaxy A71, Galaxy A90s, and Galaxy A42, 5G models of the smartphone, also give access to link them with Windows 10.
  •  Microsoft is currently imposing some geographical restrictions on this feature’s availability, so make sure you are in range.
  • PC compatibility should also be considered.
  •  It would be safe to test it yourself before you begin to work using call forwarding functionality.
  • The app should be updated on both the PC and the smartphone.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information you need to know about Samsung Galaxy mobiles’ feature forward calls to Windows PC. To get more updates on technology and games, follow us on Game Stanza and Google News.

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