Ninja Is Going To Be A Protagonist Of TV series?

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In this article, we were going to give information on is Ninja was going to be a Protagonist of TV series?

Ninja was an alias name of Richard Tyler Blevins. Richard Tyler Blevins was an American gamer born on 5th June 1991. Ninja Blevins was one of the famous gamers and also a streamer lovable by many people and kids.

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Ninja Is Going To Be A Protagonist Of TV series?

Ninja Alia Richard Tyler Blevins announced that soon he would be going away from video games and going to Hollywood. He also said that he wants to make his dream come true, and many proofs on social media say that he also got the role of protagonist in one of the television series.

He informed this information through his Twitter account to every one of his followers and tweeted on Twitter that he recorded his first voice lines to participate in a TV series for a leading role. According to information on Ninja tweets, he may be working on cartoon and animated series as Protagonist.

In a tweet, Ninja, Blevins said that “I actually shot my first lines for a lead role on a television show. Although I can’t share more, the voice acting is so much fun. A huge passion that I can finally begin to live out”.

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Ninja didn’t announce what type of animation series he was doing and what his role was. I think he will announce that information soon. We have to wait some more days to know what type of animated series he was doing. It was routine that many actors will not say their upcoming movie’s names and details as per instructions from movie makers.

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