When is Airship coming to Among Us ? – Release date and Updates : Among Us

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When is Airship coming to Among Us ? Here is an article that not just answers the question, but also provides all relatable details about it.

Among Us

Among Us is a prevalent game in the gaming industry that is currently ruling the dais. This social deduction based online multiplayer game features a space theme setting. Innersloth is the developer and publisher of the game that came out in Windows, iOS and Android during 2018. Nintendo Switch comprises of this game since December 15 2020 and the word is, Xbox will get it by 2021.

The gameplay is all about eliminating the imposter characters for crewman characters and vice versa. This game revolves around three maps, currently.”The Skeld”- spaceship, “MIRA HQ”- headquarters building, “Polus”- planet base. The airship is the fourth map that was told to be an upcoming map of 2021, during December 10, 2020.

When is Airship coming to Among Us

There are no official dates regarding the release of this map but the official word is it will be coming out during early 2021. ‘Infiltrating the Airship’ from the game ‘Henry Stickmin’ is the inspiration behind this ‘Airship’ map.

The map’s development kick-started on 23rd September 2020 as per the official statements of the game’s developers. The first teaser of its new map came out through a Twitter post on 18th November 2020. Among Us has received the “Best Multiplayer Game” and “Best Mobile Game” awards in “The Game Awards 2020” ceremony. Amidst this occasion, the Airship’s announcement trailer was displayed and it revealed the below map.

When is Airship coming to Among Us ? - Release date and Updates : Among Us

Due to some bugs, the airship map came in Nintendo Switch version of Among Us. This incident occurred just after a week since the Switch version release. Players were able to access the layout, structure and new tasks that came along with the map.

It is a huge area with various levels to cover and this makes it even more difficult for the crewmen to keep guard of their mates. The novel navigations such as ladders, elevators and floating platforms, add a touch of complication and elegance. Currently, the players cannot start from different rooms after they make it to the emergency meeting room, but in this arena, the players can do so.

It features several new and unique locations along with a meeting room at the top of the ship near the bow cockpit and the front window. With new tasks and more difficult challenges, it indeed is going to be a pretty thrilling time for the players.

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