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Whatsapp is currently the most popular messaging app. In spite of some heavy competition, Whatsapp has managed to stay ahead every time. But, you must have wondered about some alternatives to WhatsApp. Here we will be addressing your curiosity. Read till the end of the article.

Top 5 WhatsApp Alternative Apps For Messaging:

  • Telegram: Telegram is by far the best messaging app, one can go to if they want a new messaging app. Telegram is filled with many customizations, and where users don’t have to face many limitations that they used to face in Whatsapp. The primary one being the number of participants one can add to the group. A Telegram group can hold up to 2,00,00 member. While, on the other hand, Whatsapp just a limit of 256 participants.

          Privacy has always been the first priority of Telegram. Telegram brings other features such as public channels, usernames, ability to uploading up to 1.5 GB files, code locking, self-destructive messages, and end-to-end encryption in a secret chat.

  • Signal Private Messenger: Signal Foundation, is an organisation that brings and supports end-to-end encryption technology in WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger, is offering its own Messaging app, called Signal Private Messenger. As you would imagine, Signal brings a range of security benefits compared to WhatsApp. It provides self-destructive messages, screen protection (prevents others from taking screenshots) and more. In the matter of privacy, Signal does better as compared to WhatsApp.

  • Kik: Kik is a mobile messaging application that can be used on both Android and iPhone devices. The famous app that is free to use is similar to WhatsApp but has some additional features that make it different. For example, an internal browser, ensuring users are motivated to spend more time in the app. Kik also has support to Bots, which WhatsApp doesn’t allow. Kik is a wonderful service since it just allows you to use your email ID. When you sign up for the service using your email ID, Kik will create a special user name for you that you can share with other Kik users to chat with.

  • Discord: With over a quarter of a billion users, Discord is one of the most common ways players interact online. Discord enables friends to interact directly via voice, video, or message, and to connect to servers where larger groups can engage. Although you can explore a number of Discord servers to engage with your interests, much of Discord’s DM functionality is often ignored. You can use Discord’s personal message function to send messages, emojis, emote, GIFs, photos, and even documents. You may even make voice calls, video calls, or even video calls.


  • Viber: Viber is perfect for texting and calling your friends across the globe for free, and you can even make video calls. You can also use your own phone numbers, as well as those of your friends, given they have the app. The most important edge, that Viber holds over WhatsApp is the functionality to support multi-device.


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