Pokemon Go Gengar has a long Tongue on which you can sleep on? – Should You purify shadow pokemon: Pokemon GO

All the pokemon go fans out there great news!!!!! Bandi Namco just announced a new product. And guess what!? It’s a bed made up of gengar and it’s tounge!! Read along to know all the details.. And further we will be also talking about what you should do with your shadow pokemon- purify them or let them remain evil?…

Get yourself licked to sleep by your own gengar.

Pokemon Go is still very popular among a large community of players. A large number of merchandise are also released every now and then to catalyse this popularity. And there is a huge demand for these too.

The latest of such offerings by bandai Namco is a Pokemon Gengar sleeping bed which sports a Massive 170 cm long Tongue on which anyone be it an adult or a child Can Sleep On.

Pokemon Go Gengar has a long Tongue on which you can sleep on? - Should You purify shadow pokemon: Pokemon GO

Anyone who knows the pokemon world would know that the ghost pokemon gengar is known best for it’s lick attack. This makes this latest merchandise all the more iconic.

There are a hoard of plushies themed on different pokemons available, but what makes this offering unique is that a five-and-a-half feet long tongue lolls out of the gengar’s head, making it suitable for many adults too.

Right now the plushies are available on premium bandai japanese sites. But it is expected to be available in other parts soon..

What are shadow pokemon?

Well if you are a regular player, you surely have a stock of shadow pokemon by now.

For those who don’t know, Pokemon go launched a new game mechanic this november with their Team Rocket event. 

Pokemon Go Gengar has a long Tongue on which you can sleep on? - Should You purify shadow pokemon: Pokemon GO

  • This event added shadow pokemons to the game, these pokemons were made rid of all emotions and thus were made just non thinking war machines by team rocket.
  • The team rocket achieved this by torturing the pokemons immensely.
  • So, you may think that your job is now to catch these pokemon and cure them. Well… it’s not that simple.

How to get a shadow pokemon ?

  • The event added random encounters with Team GO Rocket. The player has to battle Team GO and defeat them. 
  • After the team Go is defeated, they run away leaving behind a shadow pokemon.
  • The players can then encounter and catch them. 

Is it a good choice to purify you shadow pokemon?

Purification means that you can cure your shadow pokemon by using a combination of stardust and candy, and thus bring it back to it’s normal form.

Pokemon Go Gengar has a long Tongue on which you can sleep on? - Should You purify shadow pokemon: Pokemon GO

Now though ethically it is a very nice thing to do, who doesn’t want to be the saviour. But as a competitive player there are some pros and cons, you should consider before you make a choice.


  • The pokemon instantly gets to Level 25, thus acquiring a lot of CP.
  • The cost for upgrades of purified pokemons is much lower.
  • The useless Frustration will be replaced by a new charged attack, Return which can again be easily unlearned if you wish to.
  • All their IV stats will be increased by two.
  • You’ll receive bonus balls to throw at Team GO encounters.


  • The shadow pokemons receive a 1.2x bonus to all of its attacks. You’ll lose this if you purify them.
  • The shadow pokemons have smoky and cool look, you’ll lose the intimidating look if you purify them
  • The shadow pokemons can be upgraded to make them awesome and unique characters, which can give a certain edge in a fight. No purified character could become that strong.

Here you have all the pros’ and cons’ now you can decide what you should do…

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