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Fortnite has been a popular Free-to-play multiplayer game for a while now. And has gained popularity with its fans for its amazing and surprising collaborations with different companies. The game has introduced a lot of special outfits and cosmetics in the last few months. Read this article till the end to know about the latest skin in Fortnite Michael Jackson Fortnite Skin, how to get this skin, and everything about it.

The players really enjoyed them. These special outfits and skins have been revolving around different celebrities and well-known figures. And the game has also introduced many new concepts related to it. This time the game has launched a Michael Jackson skin in Fortnite. The fans are really excited about this new fan- Did project.

Michael Jackson Fortnite Skin - Fortnite Item Shop : Fortnite

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Michael Jackson skin

An art designer named Joao Filipe Santiago created a whole concept around Michael Jackson for the Battle Royale game. The game does not officially declare it. The MJ skins that are trending Online are not actually available in the game currently. It is named “What if Fortnite + MJ.”

This features Michael Jackson Skin with Emotes. The Emotes include Moonwalk, Who’s Bad that comes with 5 different endings, and The lean, a built-in Emote in Smooth criminal.  We don’t know when these skins will be released. But the creators say that it will be coming soon enough. They have also given the teaser video on youtube for the same. Here are the links:

He has also introduced a new concept of an MJ live event in Fortnite. Which they have names as the “Grand Finale” of the What if fortnite+ MJ.

Michael Jackson Fortnite Skin - Fortnite Item Shop : Fortnite

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How to Purchase

The items and the concept have gained a lot of love from the players and the fans. The items, however, have not been introduced in the actual game yet. This concept will be a blast and is eagerly awaited by the players. Players Will have to make sure that they have already purchased a Chapter 2 season 5 Battle Pass. This will allow them to unlock the new concept as soon as it arrives. The pass costs around 950 v – Bucks. Until the new skins arrive, Players can boost their XP by completing the available quests.

These inclusions are currently completely unofficial. So players should not confuse it with the official release yet, no matter how good it looks. But we hope that the Epic Games will soon come up with a Michael Jackson theme Soon enough.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Michael Jackson Fortnite Skin and how to get that skin. To get all the latest updates on Fortnite, follow us on Game Stanza and Google News.

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