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Has this lockdown situation been rough on your business? Looking for some online business advertising? The simplest and far-reaching platform you’ll ever come across is FACEBOOK. Let’s talk about How to boost a page on Facebook!

The biggest social messaging manifesto, Facebook is transforming every day to suit everyone’s needs. It has not only helped people come closer but has also lent a hand to people to reach out making more discoveries. Its active updations and modifications have helped quite a lot to the businesses, organisations, institutions, entrepreneur and even professionals. If you have a skill/talent/product/service to share, get on Facebook.

How to boost a page on Facebook ? - Tips for new page builders : Technology

Facebook promises reaching out to thousands of people within a few clicks. Well, to be honest, with right amount of information, engagement with the audience and relevant communication can construct a wider network.

One of the feature provided by Facebook is extremely helping people in businesses i.e. Facebook Page. Building up a page for promoting a business product/service is quite an easy task but using it to create a network is a lot challenging. This article assists you in muddling through this challenge.

How to boost a page on Facebook?

Assuming you have created your Facebook page putting in all the standard information required for its creation. We say, the first step is done. Let’s head on to others as well-


The ABOUT section of your Facebook page is the significant part of the page. It’ll hold all the essential information about your business. This part of the page contains-

  • Location of your physical business/organisation
  • A brief description about your product/services offered
  • Contact details
  • Likes and Followers of the page
  • Check-ins of the page
  • Timings for when you are available

The viewers will get the idea of the product/service you offer from this section and if they seem interested or have a query, they’ll reach you via the contact details given. Make sure that the description is accurate and brief which immediately gives a clear idea to the viewer about what exactly you are offering.

How to boost a page on Facebook ? - Tips for new page builders : Technology


A person will only view your page and give a thumbs up if it’s attractive enough. Ensure that you put up a decent and appropriate Display Picture of the page. It doesn’t have to be too much of a show off or overcrowded. A simple square sized image with your brand logo or business name will be sufficient. Likewise the cover photo containing pieces of information or pictures relating to your product/service would be more than enough. The content you post on your page should be impressive to the viewer. Use certain layout or theme for your posts for creating attention. You can use designing softwares for building up striking pictures and post able info-graphics.  Do remember, you have to regularly post in the update, so make sure you have the content, pictures, videos already with you.

How to boost a page on Facebook ? - Tips for new page builders : Technology


Once you have successfully created your Facebook page, you have to work on getting queries and leads from viewers. You will have to post relevant information/posts in regard with your business. Viewers will want to know current proposals and offers of your product and service. The appropriate information and detail updates made by you will only interest the viewers and lead them to you. You should also try and incorporating valid pictures, videos along with your posts. Creating check-ins, events and tagging suitable people along with posts is also a great way engaging with the audience.


This step is vital for the growth of the page and eventually your business. Get your friends, family, relatives, colleagues and then their friends, family, relatives on board with this. Yeah, this is the old school method of chaining and grouping but it works wonders till now. Impart them the information about your page and ask them to follow its updates along with assisting others to reach out on it as well. Once a word of mouth gets to work, people will start noticing it and you’ll be up in centre of the stage. (Also don’t forget to thank them later) You can also reach out to people in your business circle that already exist and provide your service online to them.

Tips for new page builders : Technology


Just creating a network like that won’t be enough. You’ll have to make sure that people near your location or targeting some place other will get to notice your brand and services. For this you can seize the facility of Facebook advertisements which will elevate the number of your page viewers. Facebook lets you choose your goal of promotion from number of options like-

  • Automated Ads
  • Promote Business locally
  • Get more Calls
  • Get More Website Visitors
  • Acquire more Bookings
  • Boost a Post
  • Get more Messages
  • Promote your page
  • Get More Leads

You can select whichever option suits you best at the particular time and can continue enhance your audience via advertisements.

 Tips for new page builders : Technology

If done appropriately, generating leads through Facebook Page is a piece of cake. All you need to keep in your mind is- Consistency, Relevance and Impressiveness. Be consistent in engaging with your audience. Keep updating with relevant posts and information. All the content and subject should be impressive enough for attracting viewers.

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