How to get more traffic on instagram? – Tips and tricks for new influencers!: Technology

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In the 10 years instagram has been around it has become a huge platform for people to express themselves. It has turned to be a platform on which people can share almost anything with a large number of audience. With it’s growing popularity a large number of instagram influencers have come into being. If you are also an instagram creator looking to increase your influence on the platform or you are just thinking of starting your journey as an influencer this post is just for you. Read on to find out how you can utilise the instagram algorithm and push your way through to get more traffic on instagram…


A great platform for new creators

In October 2010 Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched instagram among heavy competition.

  • The primarily photos and videos sharing social sites have made quite significant leaps and have surely found a quite solid footing amongst its peers now.

How to get more traffic on instagram? - Tips and tricks for new influencers!: Technology

  • The platform makes quite a lot of Innovations to cater to the needs of young creators with instagrams reels being the latest.
  • With a large user base, instagram guarantees that New creators can post videos, photos, live sessions and almost anything to connect to a large number of people.
  • The most important thing for young creators to understand is how instagram works.
  • Instagram regularly tweaks it’s algorithm to provide the best user experience to the public and thus stay on top of its competition.

So, the creators must keep in mind the working of instagram’s algorithm to grow quickly and successfully.

How to maximize traffic on your instagram page??

To grow your instagram page you have to use the instagram algorithm to your favour here are some tips:

How to get more traffic on instagram? - Tips and tricks for new influencers!: Technology

  • Increase your engagement with your followers:

Engagement with your audience is the best way to increase traffic, rather than just the number of comments on your post, the quality of the comments, i.e., how in-depth the comments are decides your engagement. So increase your followers to give in depth insights.

  • Increase the number of saves: 

Instagram’s followers focus more on the number of saves that your post achieves than the number of likes or comments. Thus make videos that are rewatchable and useful, so that more and more people save it.

  • Increase the number of shares: 

Shares are very crucial to increase your engagement with the audience. The instagram algorithm pushes your content up if it gets a fair amount of shares. Thus encourage your audience to share more and more.

  • High number of likes:

This used to be the most important factor sometimes back but with algorithm tweaks the situation have changed, but still a highly liked video is preferred by both the audience and the algorithm.So insist your audience to like your posts

  • Meaningful content:

Last but not the least, the better the content you make better are your chances at success. People will be attracted to your page if it’s worth it.

So what are you waiting for now, go on and get growing! And for more updates visit Gamestanza.

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